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set 13, 2008

CHAT (Control of Heterogeneous Automation Systems: Technologies for scalability, reconfigurability and security)Image

 Category:European project (FP7) 
 Coordinator:A. Bicchi (Università di Pisa)
 COR members:G. Indiveri, G. Notarstefano (Principal Investigator), G. Parlangeli



CHAT is about developing core components (algorithms, protocols and procedures) of the next-generation of distributed control systems, able to tackle the supervision and control of larger and more complex plants while drastically reducing infrastructure, maintenance and reconfiguration costs. The concept at the core of CHAT is that of an embedded control design space, where fundamental research questions on the performance achievable by a certain subsystem with a given quality of networked control, can be formalized and investigated.
The general goal is to encapsulate subsystems in automation components integrating seamlessly into more abstract levels of the Distributed Control architecture: the challenge is to evaluate what is the exact amount of decentralized control capabilities to be embedded in the component, which makes modularization and abstraction possible.

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