angle-left VE.M.A.S.A. - VEicolo Marino Autonomo Sicurezza e Ambiente
18 months
Short Description:

The objective of VE.M.A.S.A project is the development of an "Autonomous Marine Vehicle" for safety and environmental monitoring. In particular, it will be able to:

  1. monitor a wide range of parameters relating to the state of health of the waters bordering our Region (as well as the “inland” waters, in particular lakes);
  2. perform visual and physical analyzes, with relative 3D reconstruction, using reverse engineering techniques, of coastal and landscape sections;
  3. perform marine patrolling and maritime rescue services. The idea behind this project is to create a prototype of this "Autonomous Marine Vehicle" able of navigating in open or closed waters, fresh or marine, in a remote, semi-automatic or automatic manner, driven by electric propulsion, powered by specific batteries, and integrated with a recharging system based on renewable energy sources (implementation of suitable photovoltaic panels).

Category: POR Puglia FESR - FSE 2014 - 2020

Role: Local Scientific Responsible