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Department of Engineering
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Control Systems, Optimization and Robotics

The Control Optimization and Robotics (COR) laboratory activity at the University of Salento, Lecce (Italy), is focused on the area of control systems engineering, robotics and its applications. Methodological tools from control systems theory are applied to fault diagnosis, distributed control and robotic networks, marine robotics are examined in depth for didactic and research purposes...

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Marine and underwater robotics, Robotics, Distributed control in multi agent systems and robotic networks, Fault detection and isolation, topology change detection and fault tolerant control, Robust control of uncertain systems...

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The COR lab activities involve analysis and control of dynamical systems. Methodological tools from control systems...

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Underwater vehicle AUV - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) X-300, two mobile robots Volksbot (Fraunhofer IAIS), an underwater vehicle ROV (Remotely Operated Vevhicle) for shallow water, a team of 7 ‘Lego Mindstorm’ mobile robots...

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 Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni
The building La Stecca - Campus Ecotekne


Prof. Engr. Gianfranco Parlangeli

University of Salento - Department of Engineering for Innovation

Ecotekne - The building La Stecca - Provincial road Lecce-Monteroni

Tel. + 39 0832 297301




Control Protocols for Range-Based Navigation of a Networked Group of Underwater Vehicles Experimental validation of the modeling and control of a multibody underwater vehicle manipulator system for sea mining exploration …..

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