The Control Optimization and Robotics (COR) laboratory activity at the University of Salento, Lecce (Italy), is focused on the area of control systems engineering, robotics and its applications. Methodological tools from control systems theory are applied to fault diagnosis, distributed control and robotic networks, marine robotics are examined in depth for didactic and research purposes. More specifically, methodologies from control systems analysis and design are applied in several contexts including: 

•    Multi-agent systems and robotic networks
•    Fault diagnosis and recovery 
•    Distributed control and estimation 
•    Analysis and design of complex systems
•    Range-only navigation applications
•    Outlier detection
•    Active fault tolerant control systems 
•    Parametric identification and system modeling
•    Aerial, ground and marine robotics
•    Intelligent autonomous vehicles

Research lines

Bachelor's and Master's thesis

Activities and Objectives